Candle Safety: A Guide For Pet Owners

Candle Safety: A Guide For Pet Owners


Candle Safety and Your Furry Friends

As lovers we deeply appreciate the happiness and companionship that our beloved furry pals bring into our lives. Along with this companionship comes the responsibility of ensuring their safety and well being within our living spaces. Many pet owners often wonder about the compatibility of candles and pets. In this guide we will examine the balance between these two elements and strive to find a coexistence that embraces the calming glow of candles while keeping our treasured pets protected.


Navigating Candles and Pets

One concern among owners is whether it's safe to light candles when our furry friends are around. The answer is not simple. While candles themselves are not inherently dangerous it's essential to take precautions to ensure your pets welfare. Open flames can pose risks for pets like cats who might accidentally knock over a candle. Additionally the smoke and potential emissions from burning candles can have an impact on pets those with respiratory systems.


Candle Choices That Are Safe For Pets

When choosing candles to illuminate your space in the presence of pets opt for soy-based candles. Soy-based candles in particular are the softest and pose the least amount of risk for pets. Be Light Candle RE is a brand that is known for creating soy-based candles that are safer for our furry friends. Options such as Odors Be Gone, and Light & Lovely are carefully made to ensure they can be safely be burned around pets. 




Understanding Scented Candles and Their Impact on Pets

Candles are popular for creating an atmosphere but they can have implications for pets. The fragrances used in candles often consist of chemicals that can affect the sensitive sense of smell and respiratory systems of pets. While some pets may not have any reactions others might experience discomfort, allergies or even stress due to scents.


Candles That Require Caution

Not all candles are equally pet friendly. It is recommended to avoid candles with fragrances or those containing essential oils that could be toxic to pets. Candles with lead based wicks should also be avoided because the emissions produced when these wicks burn can be harmful to both pets and humans. Be Light Candle RE is a company that handcrafts soy-based candles with cotton lead-free wicks. 



Finding the balance, between creating an ambiance and ensuring the safety of your pets is essential when it comes to setting up a pet friendly candle environment. Remember to be cautious and place any lit candles in areas that are inaccessible to your pets. Ultimately prioritize the well being and comfort of your pets above all else. By doing thorough research you can enjoy the glow of candles while providing a safe haven, for your beloved companions.


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